Saturday, May 14, 2011

bengkok... bengkok... to .bangkok

As salam,


I don`t how to start, and really fail with the things regarding introduction...
damn... I don`t know  many times I press the backspace key!

okay.. actually just want to share that I had been in Bangkok from 4 May till 9 May (btw, 6 May is my birthday)

Oh, it take me to the moment in February, when I knew about extravaganza in Bangkok, that my birthday fall during the training.

Imagine, at the time, the sengkek girl , dreaming abtou her birthday in oversea. ( yes, I know, Thailand is our neighbor,  near Perlis, only 2 hours and 5 minutes by flight from LCCT, by train 24 hours maybe.

Before Bangkok

It was just last minute when I bought the ticket for extravaganza Herbalife, I had been in my hometown , Pontian for just about  7 hours, 10 hours total bus ride just to take my passport ( only Mbah left in my house, my mom went to holiday)

I had to drive my mom`s Proton wira to pekan Pontian in order to photostat and fax passport to bangi,(last day to confirm

Then, I realized it only 7.30 am.. no shop is open at this hours except news paper shop and it has fax service but no photostat machine, (of course no scanner to scan my passport)
man, that the first time I drive alone with my mom`s car and scared.
Then, I came back home, took  a bath, I arrived at Larkin about 3.30 a.m and had to stay in Surau while wait for the first bus to Pontian at 6.30 am

Went back to Bank, settle for ordering ticket and money transfer. Drove around looked for photostat shop and luckily also has fax service. RM 3.50 for that.

I drove back home with smiling in my heart. I arrived back home to refreshing my self and relief because  I thought everything was settled except I had to go back to Shah Alam ( man , that day was Monday, working day, and I don`t say anything to  my boss, then in a bus , my boss called, where is my location at that time, and student had an accident in the kindergarten) .Poor me ;(

Then, I got a call from Zahin, " weh , ko kene scan ngan e-mail lah, sebab Ayuni 2 kali dah faks, tak jelas) 

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. (this is my scream)

then, had to go back to Pontian, search for Cyber Cafe, found one, no scanner, luckily found another one with scanner, RM2 for that service...OMG! Then , when I use their computer, Chinese language! DANG!!! 
( I almost like what is this, don't know how to use this thing), my pendrive also cannot be detected, dont`t know how to compress the scan picture by using that computer, as the right click that suppose give me options is just seem wrong! Paint software safe me.
2 times I climbed the stairs to ask about those problems.. (lots of Malay school students there , playing games and watch porno thing maybe);(

At last, it was sent.  Alhamdulillah.

 Bangkok Airport , 4 May 2011.

till meet in the next post!

btw, I got parking summon RM30 when I was in the bank.... I just realize the summon ticket at the left wiper when Pak Long sent me to Pontian Bus station to go back Shah Alam.

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