Monday, March 19, 2012

When money talks, what does it says?

As salam,

hye uoll uolll  Hye korang-korang,, hai awak-awak!

March, is the month of waste. Why?because, this month my money fly-fly away, far-far away.....Malaysia Mega Sale already start!
I got an extra salary for last month because I did overtime, but yeah, the more you get, the more its gone.

where did my money gone?

This thing absolutely cannot be avoided,


Its not that I spend my money to eat super duper large lobster,

but its just I spend to food that I am not satisfied,
Ok , nowadays, foods are really expensive ,

So, my bad, that I always order food, but actually I don't even hungry, and , its end with regrets.

Please watch my lab partner face, Ayu in every pictures carefully

see her face, she annoyed with the taste of the looking good restaurant but end up with not so well-cooked chicken chop . Even, the Old Town toasts are worst  than Gardenia plain toast. I can do much better than that.

At Black Canyon,  the fusion dish, also not satisfy her taste bud. I can't remember its name, Spaghetti, spice and hot basil .oh, whatever.

but , I do lovvvve its Ice chocolate! Feeling like I am the cutest creature in the world!

I am not really into high profile dessert or ice cream like baskin robbin or tutti frutti, and Ayu also not like the sour taste of the frozen yogurt, so thanks for the chocolate flavor, it makes Ayu want to taste it again.

At first, Ayu planned to online with free wifi at Starbuck, oh, Curlass you Jahh!  Then , after we looked at the price, all the coffee are above than 10 ringgit. So, we switched to JCO, what do you expect? It is about the same mahh!.... Hers is about 12 ringgit and mine is about 10 ringgit.


Restaurant with tax, and ice blended with bubble or whipped cream, are top two tings that suck my money in food category.


hewhew, this is the top money sucker of the month

I rarely spend my money on shopping, I don't mind to wear the same style or same clothes every week , (haha , yalah!)  but usually, I can control my heart to not buy things even I like to go through shopping online site and also go to shopping complex.

but for this month, I easily lose with my heart says, and bought new jeans, t-shirts, this two things maybe I can say it for work, I have to buy it. but,

Palazo, dress and tunic?

Maria Elena with her  palazo, cool rite

 wawa tasliman with her green Palazo from thepoplook

Shea Rasol with thepoplook dress,I was not bought this one.

when I see them, looking so stylish with them, so I click here click there, then my money gone, without I give it in real , You know what I am trying to say, its call shopping dunia maya.haha

The Poplook you all. Artists like Lisa Surihani, Sazzy Falak, and fashionista blogger also wear clothes from  thepoplook. I always fall in love with the headgear like from Datin Norjuma, Sugarscaft, but, hey, I will suffer with hungriness  if spending money to all these things. So, Iam thinking when wiil I wear the girlish style, I am working almost every day, with jean , tshirt and my dirty converse shoes, and if I want to go out for dinner, at food stall, what should I wear, of course my work attire with selipar Jepang.


At City Square, with  thepoplook palazo and my selipar Jepang  , went to shoes shop, feel like want to buy Ipanema sandal, but, hey, you already broke, Munirah!

 free bag when you shop more than RM200! Dang!

I heard money talks, it says, Good bye!
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