Sunday, February 12, 2012

longgggggggggggg clueless blur,

As salam

Hi friends!

May be, some of you know that I am now working  as assistant chemist at Colour Top Sdn Bhd (Powder Coating company)  in Ulu Tiram, Johor Bharu.

If you are following my blog  sine 2010,  you might know that I was a kindergarten teacher before this.

Life is unpredictable,I never expect  to went through  all this when I was 12 years old,
how I was a graduate in applied chemistry, turn to a teacher, being jobless,doing a Herbalife (MLM business) then be an assistant chemist?

Go with the flow?

 I never had a clue what I want to be before this, actually not that I don't know, but I have so many thing that in my list that I want.. not an actual list, but day  dreaming ..huhu

when I was 12 years and below, when peoples asking me what is your ambition, I just said that I want to be an architect, huh, just because I like drawing  at my young age, and I don't know how I get the word , may be because my family and relative said that to me,

may be like this,
` Oh suke lukis, jadi arkitek lah ni'
funny isn't it?.In fact,I am not doing good in drawing and arts, and I am disaster in using ruler.

same like me when, my nephew get a good grade in language subjects, Malay Language, Arabic, and he also good in English,(better than me :p)

What I said was,
' Oh, pakar bahasa nih!'

Then, when secondary school , I went to Science school, my mom asked me to go, she said that,
' Cubalah dulu' .I didn't got a clue what Sekolah berasrama Penuh is, yeah I heard that word before when my tuition teacher said that to us,

and you know what,

I am totally blur what school is this, the paint of the building was streched and look old, and I didn't found anything special about this school, the peoples are like #$%@&, the life is like @#$%&, the rule is like @#$%&*

Pure Science stream, so , I thought that the only options that we have was, being a doctor or being an engineer, huhu, how stupid I was at that time,

I really ddn't know what I want to be, and when teacher asked me what is my ambition, mine is always keep changing,
Luxury Car designer, architect, Dentist

I have a problem in UPU application, because seriously I didnt sure what I should put at list, So, I guess, I randomly put, a nurse, if I am not mistaken, on my top list, bahahaha

A nurse, how I can be a nurse?!
 lazy and bad temper.

but, I expect that I just want to my foundation first at matriculation college,

and once again I don't know what to choose, either life science or physical science,

and my best friend,Nisa said to me,  you should choose life sience, it have wide field.
So, then, I had been accepted, even thou,  
I had better grade in Physics than Biology for SPM.
I even got an interview for mass communication course in UiTM, but I didn't go. I thougt may be I born as  a dentist, Bahahaha, wake up baby, you got a day dream.
Lazy to brush teeth, floss, fail in oral care.

Then, my exam result, had wake me up!

huhu, poor me ,
I got clueless again, what shoul I applied for my degree with my very low grade,
Any university want to accept me?
what course?

Thanks to Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM) you are the best university in the world.
hew hew hew...

BSc.(Hons.) Applied Chemistry. It was fun for 2 years and a half.
In my final year, I got a problem with my final project, then I thought that I should not take this course, this is not my thing, I should do a business or may be related in education line. Early childhood education maybe.

 Not look good in labcoat

Not look good with kids

good?! with a good example of successful Herbalife businesswoman, Amalina Allen Peter,23,
earn more than RM30000 every month.

(huhu, same shawl for years...)

After finished  my degree, I am so relieved that I passed . Then, when applying a job at jobstreet, I like to apply a position related in marketing,not in Laboratory.

I went to Shah Alam after 5 months of being jobless.
Apply a job as kindergarten teacher and being stuck there for 10 months.

Quit, as I think I can't stand  be a slave to the other person forever.

Then, I went to Kelantan, to learn how to do a business in Kelantan about 1 month and half,
Go back home, and fail to disipline myself to be my own boss.
Again, laziness is my biggest enemy.

Then, what make me really trying hard to find a job is when my relatives , my family brainwashing me and asked for my resume and forwarding it to various company, and I stressed when family meeting on hari raya ,
I have keep been  asked what I am doing right now?!

The Clulessssssssssssssssssss will be continue....


  1. try find out apa yang u minat in your life.. set the target. always be positive. whatever you choose mesti ada baik & buruk.. good lucks girls.. :)

    1. thanks , wawa, may be I should stop searching , may be I have to start creating myself :)


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