Tuesday, September 27, 2011

My 10 months at Shah Alam

As salam,

My precious experience with kids , parents and teachers.

 the bajet rajin lady on Al-Ikhlas 2011 sport's day

 the bajet bagus 'girl' with teacher nik

 the bajet cute makhluk with adorable zamir, ameerul and hyper adam

 the bajet penyayang princess with active warits

the bajet mesra perempuan with Aisy

we are 'ikhlas' teachers

The huge day market that I had been in my life is at Shah Alam

antique culinary

 Atin with antique camera

 all things that you never imagine are sold here

 Lot of things are sold here, cars, foods, bundle shirt etc.

Met some of famous faces in Malaysia.


with Ami Schaheera, fight with her cancer

the famous Shea , Munamuni and Maria Elena

 again, Maria Elena

the adorable, sweet and friendly, Zafira Hanis

 the bajet Scarflet with Lyna Kamal (right) and other sarflets in elevator.

 the bright smile owner,Anuar Zain. I was behind him on escalator at Sacc Mall.

with Hanis Zalikha's mother ,Nani Rostam at Bazaar Ramadhan Section 13, Shah Alam.

Other than these faces, I also met Hanis Zalikha with ehem-ehem at Sacc Mall, Sheila Rusly at Sacc Mall and Pasar Mega Shah Alam, Ziana Zain , Raja Azura, Zizan , and why I am listing this?

Actually,  lot of pictures , lot of words and lot of memories that I want to put in here, if just all folders and what is my mind can be scanned and projected on this page, 

I learned a lot while my 10 months here I know deeper about friendship, enemy,  honesty, badmouthing, parenting, Islamic value , hardship to eat .to get a food that I crave to eat, money to save, to live, and all of these make me grow , mature and appreciate the love and money that my parents have given to me before this.

Dear Shah Alam, 

I never know if I will met you again after this.
If it happen, ...........


  1. yuni ::: hahaha, baru pasan x de amik gambar dengan girls pun...huhu..thanx, for the like

    ziha::: aku berenti dah lame dah lah mase ramadhan dah, cume lambat update jerk...

  2. haha, jd mem...x delah..buat herbalife...huhu

  3. wahhh best tu hehe teruskan usaha anda ok!


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