Wednesday, February 3, 2010

dbsb::; siri III sugar of life

As salam

what peoples really want in their life?






Is it true or wrong?.. .. it might be what we want , need or demand...yeah, some peoples are very lucky because they might have all those things whilst there are so many peoples out there who are hunger with love of family, friends and have to beg others for continue their living.....

I am very thankful to Allah S.W.T as I live in this world with all I need in my life.. not money ok rite now.....(stop think to be be rich and being materialistic sometimes..hehe)

yeah, I always remembered what my father has said when having conversation with his friend who is very ambitious, he even said that if he has giving a chance to be prime minister, he will take the position....but my father`s Principe is totally different from his friends..

when they talked about promotion in company.Ayah said,'' bagi aku, kalau ada rezeki, adalah''....

I have one friend who her mother told her, '' I have been thou hard way in life, and you do not deserve to ask me to buy Giordano jeans, Guess handbags and etc''......

what about your parents?

may be you are born in the gold plate ( heh, dulang emas =P)

or may be we are the same, my parents have give their best for my education, home, food and what I need in my life (ok, I ask for Sony vaio 2 years ago and I get HP Compaq...I know...gelaklah..I don`t mind)

Don`t ask what peoples`s deed , ask what your deeds to others...

So, if I become a parents, what my children will ask me to do..

  • buy them a car
  • give them RM100 per day for pocket money (ok , melampau, but who knows?)
  • or ask me to send them to sekolah agama, learning about Al-Quran, and Islam

both pictures taken at pasar malam kangar...

I should be thankful!


the most important person in life........ mom, mummy,mama, bonda, ummi and ibu

Puan Jamilah with her very `nice' daughter. =P

eh, my mom had came to visit me...fuiyo, after 2 years and half, my mother was came back
to arau....hehe,( I always accompanied by my laptop bag when I come back from pontian to arau after holiday)..I always pray for your happiness...=D


life is become sweeter when we have good friends in our life.. ....

they are seriously want to entertain my mother due to her visit...(visit?)...willingly to turn back their way to Kuala Perlis to Kangar after I asked how to go to S.R , hehe (totally shame when loss in kangar!)


how can we `taste' this life without taste the real food..heh...



this one is for Aishah, macaroni cheese

Either you are happy or sad just one day..... It just left as memory.... There are lot more to come...


LIFE IS SWEET ( tagline for secret recipe)

md::: Dont`t be too full ...if you fail test!...wake up munirah!
md::: It is not sweet anymore!


  1. hehehe....tadi salah..lah....mane ade aku mencarut

  2. Sebab tengok blog ko ni lah kan dah aku nak makan cake SR. siap kecewa bile chocolate strawberry seperti dlm gambar tidak berada di kedai. terus kecewa lantas beli chocolate banana.

    err. lari topik kan.hehe.

    peace. mak ngah masuk blog la.

  3. huhu.....surya x caye...hehehee.....


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