Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I love honda

As Salam

Honda has build a strong influence in the arena of machinery ..

A machine called  car...many models that  have been produced by Honda and one of them is...
Honda Jazz..oh so cool , has a lot of girl fans
including me... So, for dowry, Honda Jazz satu!...not  Pallas Jazz...
hehe..Ok, but actually this is not the Honda that I love right now...

how about ASIMO, the new era of pet , without poops that always been left every where, which also created by honda...

oh, this is not my favourite, for me, it is better to has a mute and stiff cactus than this thing..
(for the time being lah) .. If the technology has been improved with a toilet cleaning skill or stubborn dust cleaning technology especially on the carpet...maybe I consider to buy or ....maybe not , if I can persuade my mom to buy it ...wakakka.

the HONDA that I love right now is ......(drum roll)

ok, find.. no more Asian representative go to the quarter final of world Japan was just joining the other colonial of Tanah Melayu ,England and Portugal and left Netherlands that still in the game and will meet Brazil in this Friday.. and for sure they will defeated by Brazil....
  ok whatever it is, I simply attracted to the coolness of this human machine

the man with the golden eyebrows

like said by  the soccer commentator of the match of  Paraguay vs Japan
but in that picture, he was not dyed his eyebrow yet...hehhe

md::: nak letak gambar motor Honda kapcai abang..tapi malas nak amik gambar


  1. abang yang mane ni..(tetibe konpius)

  2. yelah andy ko MEMANG HENSEM......tapi bile aku bayangkan ko main bola terus tak hensem...oops

  3. i'm a fan of HONDA JAZZ n HONDA (boy) hahahah....

  4. huhu, ika ko ni saje je tau...ko kete mini cooper ...hehe


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