Sunday, September 19, 2010

DBSB siri 8 : Anugerah Aidilfitri

As salam,

new ride

Almost every single person in this world has her/his own dream car....
and car is the thing that man love it,
which represents the style and passion of the owner.

not everyone is lucky to get his/her own dream car.
but yes, we should happy for others if they afford to own their new ride.

congrates to my bro, Mohammad Saad  for his new 'wife'.
Married at 26 years old.

Dia Bahagia, Saya Bahagia

Love Paradise

another love story, different one with ' Syurga Cinta' or ' Epilog Syurga Cinta'.

They were school mates at primary school and met again afters many years .
This is love`s heaven  at Bandar Dato ` Onn own by this lovely married couple.....

haha, sorry for 'accidentally' captured your wedding portrait.

I  like the lights.

Just Ignore the  over exciting cousin that ruin the image of this 
love paradise of Surya and Fitri.
Build at their  24.

Mereka bahagia, Saya Bahagia

fly higher

I told my mom,

I want to study until I die.

and my mom said, It`s up to you

we learn until we die by the way.

and my cousin, is such a lucky girl,
has an opportunity to further study for her master in Business at  University of Portsmouth , United Kingdom.

Nur Uyun flies higher at 21 years old.

Dia Bahagia, Saya Bahagia

So, that`s it , their gift from Allah
in  a holy month of Syawal.

( dear myself', when is your turn?)

Firman Allah yang bermaksud:

" Jika kamu bersyukur nescaya, kami akan tambahkan nikmat-nikmat Kami. Dan sebaliknya jika kamu kufur, azab Allah amat pedih." 
(Surah Ibrahim 14:7)

May Allah always bless us and not make us forget our Muslim`s families in Pakistan, Palestine and all over the world. 

we may be smile and laugh, but other peoples such family members of late Sosilawati Lawiya and other 3 peoples that were killed together with her in Ramadhan are sad.

Hidup ini sementara

Firman Allah, mafhumnya:
" Dan akhirat lebih baik dan kekal." (Surah al-A`la 87:17)

Sumber: Majalah Solusi. isu  22


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