Wednesday, September 29, 2010

DiGi iPhone 4 Real

As salam,

In one happy day, there were 2 friends met up and they got into interesting conversations!

Let's see what they are talk about. 

This also what I love about DiGi  about the DiGi iPhone 4 Plans
Click here to believe it.


  1. This is super creative. I never even thought of doing it like that. Good luck!!!

    Too bad that they would only give ONE to a thousands of us that is hoping to get it. chances are pretty slim.

  2. TYSM...yeah, I wish digi can add the winners n of course the iPhone too...haha

  3. yes. I hope they would change the prizes at the last minute, making that they'll give out at least 5 or 10...
    wait, that's too much! hahaha


terima kasih sudi baca :D