Friday, October 1, 2010

DiGi iPhone 4 Life

As salam,

what an apple can do?

"An apple a day keep doctors away"


what about an Apple iPhone 4?
 How it can affect our life?

 face time ; 
It has 2 built in cameras at the both part, that made for video calling and let us share what we see,  by the back camera .

With high revolution, we can see word by word without take the phone close to our eyes.

 help us to switch other application, listen to music as background, and skype at the same time without slowing it performance!

we can shoot , edit and share our video all in High definition.

and 5 megapixel camera
all moments in life should be captured as we can share it with friends or just keep it to ourselves . 
Definitely, in high quality.

See, how it may give colors and bring our life to the fullest?!

(Sorry for super terrible drawing )
Note : DiGi, I try hard okay..hehe

So, this is what iPhone 4 can do..almost anything...
including at the time, 
when you need to see your doctor..hehe


  1. please lah...yuni...sajer jek u nih...haha

  2. wow. Comparing urs to mine, you sure do have a better chance of getting the iPhone, I am surely not creative enough to do those kinds of posts.

  3. percentage to win is just 0.001% or lower..hehe...I read some other contestants` post n they are far better than mine..hehe..btw, thanx 4 ur compliment.


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