Sunday, January 30, 2011

Hijab FAshion Blogger

As salam,

hello and good day reader(s)!

When talk about fashion, I can guarantee that almost every single person in the world has interest in this thing.

Even not all peoples are lucky to do shopping every day, but some of us may not eat for the reason to keep their money for favorite dress , handbag, or whatever things that `in' with fashion trend for the time being.

For me, food vs fashion, food must be the winner..hoho

That`s why, I just have collection of t-shirt only, but for now since I will be 23 this year (oh si tua) , I start to buy blouse,

moreover I work at Islamic kindergarten school okay......haha

Okay, stop mumbling old lady!

Just want to share that I start to fall in love with the style of  blogger that I found while blogwalking....
You might know them as well....

Cool is it?!!!

She is Hana Tajima Simpson , Japanese-English born designer of Maysaa. No wonder, she has her own line and she lead the style. A muslimah and you can find more about her at

Well known Malaysian artist Yuna also wearing her design..

 Yuna also has a very good sense of  style...and her blog at

Ok, next -
Malaysian famous blogger that you should know is her.

A Medic Student at University of Padjadjaran and she is Fatin Liyana.

Next is,

Find her here;
There are  lot more of interesting yet creative fashion blogger, and here is just some of them

 Fabulous huh?!...
more more out there..
okay, now here is the new one, the most FAB fashion blogger......

Sila pergi jamban  sekarang...


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