Sunday, February 19, 2012

kindergarten teacher vs assistant chemist

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Teacher need to be creative to attract students to learn and focus, and enhance them to be creative .

 Yeah not so creative, we do not have crayon and big white paper as umbrella....:P



Who says being a preschool teacher doesn't have stress? 
Not believe it, try to be a kindergarten teacher for a month. Out of 10  maybe only 2 can make it.
 It is not a easy task you all, not everybody can stand  it.
Crying, poop , pee, puke, fighting, screaming, running. You name it.
One of experience teacher, had confessed that he cannot be inside the classroom with the kids more than 2 hours.


Yeah,  susah , I went to kindergarten by walking, yeah just 5 minutes walking.We don't have a car, so we move by public transport, by bus, monorail, LRT, commuter, You, know , public transport especially bus and commuter in Malaysia is not  like Singapore or any advance country. Sometimes, when I see people with baby ride a bus, I look at myself, will I be like them?

I manage to walk, 20 minutes walking to buy groceries. Yeah, I used to it.

Most of you  might never have a feeling like this, when you pass the McDonald, Secret recipe , big apple, you just look from outside, because you don't have enough money, if I want all that, I must wait for salary, and you know the pay as preschool teacher is not much at all.

When you look at the car that pass in front of you, while you are waiting for the bus, it is just a sad feeling like, when is the time that  I will own a car?

Yeah, all this reminds me who I am in this world. we are slave, all the gift are from Allah.


In Islam , it always said that ,the only 3 things that we bring when we die, are pray from our soleh and solehah children, beneficial knowledge and alms.

So, by being a Kindergarten teacher in Islamic preschool, it is one of ibadah for me, together with them I learned hafazan, Iqra', reading, taking ablution, dua, praying, and the Islamic living.

When, I see their smile, it always make me happy,
Even thou, sometimes they annoyed me..; (  my bad.

Of course, they are happy, when I am living them.

Assistant chemist

whoever in science field or at least had learn science would know that it is all about logic , theory, efficiency, and plan.

As an assistant chemist in powder coating manufacturing,  the stress is about the same, every jobs have it own stress even the jobs that you like, it just the way you handle it. Stress to catch up, to be multitasking, you need to calculate, to think, to run a machine, spraying, it is not the girlish job. You have to walk fast, to think fast, gangsta one. Sometimes, I cannot sleep well, thinking about work.

Yeah, now , I go to workplace by car even it is old kancil, I can eat fast food , whenever I feel like I want, even still calculating...huhu

Lotttttt to learnnnnnn and mastered.

And no time for cam whoring.

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